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James DeVinny: Foster has my vote

I was enlightened by the League of Women Voters’ debate. I learned that Bill Smethers was “taught by his father to treat others as he would like to be treated himself.”

He then went on to say troubling things that implied education, leadership experience and the ability to attract the top level of experience to the department is a bad thing. He made fun of “retirees.” The disdain and disrespect of retirees in this community demonstrates the way that a Sheriff’s Office led by candidate Bill Smethers would treat retirees.

John Foster treats everyone with dignity and respect — despite their age, their immigration status, their sexual preference, their occupation, their political leanings, their gender, their skin color. We need a leader who values experience instead of mocks it.

We need John Foster and he has my vote.

James DeVinny

Penn Valley

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