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Jake Bronson: Senators need a lesson in respect for country

This is an open letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein. I was embarrassed to be an American, when 47 of your colleagues wrote a letter to the Islamic Republic of Iran saying it does not matter what the president of the United States negotiates, that it won’t be valid in two years.

That letter, those 47 signatures, was as un-American as it gets. All 47 of those senators and the Speaker of the House need a lesson in respect for their country.

In our family we have differences, sometimes complete breakdowns in communications, but we keep our differences in our family; we don’t air our dirty laundry in the public eye.

It is very obvious that the majority of the Republican Party lacks self-respect and in turn has no respect for the office of the President of the United States. If one’s issues are genuine and not political, then take the proper means to rectify the issues. Don’t air the country’s dirty laundry with leaders from other nations, especially a country that we have major issues with. Country first; party second.

My business partner and I discussed this issue at length yesterday. His background is as follows. He was born and raised in Afghanistan and is now a proud American Muslim living the American Dream. He has a family, with two children and one on the way. His response to the 47 senators who wrote the letter was this: one of the reasons he left his home country 20 plus years ago was the government leaders didn’t trust or respect one another. Think about that for a moment.

To put this and others’ actions in political terms, since the 47 senators are putting party first and country second, I have this to say: I was a lifelong Republican until we went to war in Iraq. I am now and always will be an Independent and if the Republican Party continues acting with such acrimony I believe, like the dinosaur, they will become extinct. Jeb Bush properly said the Republican Party is very good at being against issues and very poor at being for issues.

In closing, I wish that this message and others like it could be shared with the 47 disrespectful senators. As always, thank you for your service.

Jake Bronson lives in Nevada City.

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