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Jacqueline Finley: Trump’s budget proposal short-sighted

President Trump’s proposed budget is very shortsighted and inhumane.

Randomly cutting funding for struggling individuals and families, whether in the United States or abroad, doesn’t end poverty and human misery. It increases it. If redistribution of monies is deemed necessary, it needs to be done intelligently and with reflection in order to ascertain how to help, not hinder, those in need.

The president believes that haphazardly slashing social service programs throughout this country and the rest of the world will solve serious issues. He is showing his lack of depth and is falling prey to the adage that for every complex problem, there is a simple solution (that does not work).

People aren’t machines. Casting them aside to sink or swim so that big business and wealthy individuals can garner more of the economic “pot” reeks of earlier times when robber barons ruled society and the less fortunate were viewed as unworthy of concern or assistance.

Americans, regardless of political affiliation, need to put party preference aside and demand that Trump’s proposed budget be rejected. Much more time, effort and thought are needed lest we start casting people into the streets.

Jacqueline Finley

Grass Valley

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