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Jacqueline Finley: Let’s not blow this opportunity

As a progressive, I was pleased with the results from the Nov. 7 elections.

As I hoped, the “average” American voter is now starting to see the Trump rhetoric for what it truly is: a bombastic attack on diversity, carte blanche for the wealthy and corporate interests, and an unfettered focus on materialism at the expense of what should be important, e.g., knowledge, community, cooperation, inclusion, and an optimistic future.

We can’t be smug, however, and just say “I told you so,” even as we watch parts of the country turning blue.

The Democratic Party, along with other groups that want to return the U.S. to a more tolerant, less money-focused society, needs to pay closer attention to what Americans are saying, and provide practical, defined solutions to problems and concerns of the “average” citizen, not just the ultra left or the limousine liberals. Many moderate voters will turn – or return — to the Democratic Party if they actually believe that Democrats will improve wages, provide better schools, reverse environmental damage, make health care affordable, and support widespread equality.

Disillusionment with Trump and the far-right conservative movement isn’t enough. Solid, realistic solutions are needed now. Let’s not blow this opportunity.

Jacqueline Finley

Grass Valley

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