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Jacqueline Finley: Leaders with depth and foresight wanted

The Duke of Wellington once wisely stated that, “next to a battle lost, there is no spectacle more melancholy than a battle won.”

The United States is currently in conflict mode, albeit an internal one. Regardless whether one identifies as blue or red, we’re all ultimately going to be battle-scarred. If not handled intelligently, the impeachment process and impending presidential election won’t only impact present-day life, but future national cohesion as well. Anyone who believes we will return to “normal life” after November is blind to reality. The New York Times recently reported that ultra-conservative white voters are predicting, “nothing less than a civil war,” if Trump isn’t re-elected, while progressives fear the U.S. will become a “failed experiment” if he wins a second term.

A great country can’t tear itself apart and then immediately return to its previous status once the struggle ends. Our best hope for reuniting lies in choosing national and local leaders who respect and understand multiple perspectives and can re-unify Americans under an umbrella of shared values and visions.

There are no immediate winners in a battle. Recovery’s a long process that requires leaders with depth and foresight and citizens who are ready to rebuild.

Jacqueline Finley

Grass Valley

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