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Jackie Turner: It’s the evil in us we must face

Somewhere along the pathway our hearts became hardened,

The moment we forgot our wrestling wasn’t against flesh and blood, but in a spiritual realm beyond our bargain.

Instead of turning to truth, instead of turning to light

We ran to the darkness, each and everyone of us,

And became a part of the fight.

We tore down our fellow brother,

Lost the eyes to see value in each other.

We didn’t even have a desire for our neighbor to survive.

Instead we collected our rations, built up our castles

And watched as a people chose to divide.

We unleashed our words, we set out our facts.

We waged wars for statuses, skin colors, drew a line between white and black.

We lifted some up while tearing others down,

We overlooked the starving as we guzzled more worldly possessions down.

We throw out our rugs over cries and screams,

We still listen to echoes of those lost fighting for a dream.

When I look at this world, and truth I seek to embrace,

I recognize it’s not the evil in you, but the evil in us we must face.

Jackie Turner

Nevada City

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