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Jack Laird: Who doesn’t love free things?

There are few points that Nancy Eubanks addressed in her opinion column on March 7 that surprise me.

Only 71 percent of Americans support raising taxes on people making $250,000 or more?

Free food, free housing, free health care, free child care, free colleges, free everything sounds wonderful. Now how is the government going to pay for it all?

I must have missed that part in her column. We could tax the rich until they have nothing left and it won’t come near covering all of the freebies this administration wants to give out.

Just remember, when was the last time that a poor person gave you a job?

Oh, I know. Cut waste and close loopholes. If that is the way to go, don’t wait! Do it today!

Or we could borrow more money. With a national debt at $18 trillion, how high does Ms. Eubanks think it should go to pay for all of the proposals? Has she given thought to what our situation is going to be when, and not if, the payment on that debt starts climbing due to higher interest rates?

Again, great proposals but next time please address both sides of the situation.

Jack Laird

Nevada City

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