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Jack Gordon: The Ship of State

The good Ship of State was sailing along

Through gales and lightning and thunder

When along came a nasty pandemic breeze

That threatened to put Her under.

But She rattled on through the pandemic storm

Though Her sails were all tattered and droopin

No one in the crew had a clue what to do

And the captain was up on the poopdeck a

Hopin that no one would know that he had been down below

A wringing his hands and a thinkin

That he needed to find someone else to blame

If the old tub really was sinkin.

I can lie better than all so I won’t take the fall

Whatever it takes I will do

And I’d never boast but I’m richer than most

And obviously much smarter too.

I’ll start with the liberals, it must be their fault

And besides they are always tryin’ to get me

If that doesn’t do I’ll fire the whole crew

Put the blame on Nancy and Hillary.

So, pour on the coal watch the old girl roll

Though She may disappear in the foam

No matter how bad it gets we’ll save our own assets

And we might even find our way home.

Put all the old people way up in the bow

We need something to cushion the shocks

Since we don’t really know where we’re going

And we might run Her up on the rocks.

Me. I think the old ship will keep rolling along

In spite of Her captain and crew

She’s overcome far worse things in Her time

And somehow, I think She’ll make do.

But I do wish I knew how that same captain and crew

Survived the process of natural selection

And the only way we can win this pandemic we’re in

Is to throw it out in the next election.

Jack Gordon

Penn Valley

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