Irene Travis: What happened to free speech? |

Irene Travis: What happened to free speech?

All you people who were so rude at Congressman Doug LaMalfa’s recent community meeting at the Grass Valley City Hall might want to take a moment and consider who is pushing you to act like this.

Are you just cogs in the wheel of those Marxist/communists/socialists whose plan is to take over this country?

Do you know that Marxists/communists/socialists have ruled countries previously and, if they were successful, why do they want this country? They want the USA because of its success. Their desire is power and control. When they have control, their policies will destroy the Constitution and Bill of Rights that created that success. They don’t care about you; once they take over a country, they kill thousands, millions. Then, this remarkable country, the good old USA, will be just another Third World country mired in decline.

And where will you be then? Probably wishing for the freedom, liberty and property rights that you helped to destroy.

Irene Travis

Rough and Ready

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