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Horti Davis: Don’t miss ‘South Pacific’

The excellence of CATS (Community Asian Theater of the Sierras) remains astonishing. How to make the old gem, South Pacific, “fresh” seemed an insurmountable challenge for them to take on.

But once again they have exceeded even their high standards.

Accompanied by live orchestration, led by the director of the play himself, this production felt intimate, authentic, relevant, introspective as well as belovedly familiar. The characters felt real, folks we have all known. The interactions were natural and believable. The emotional nuances displayed were key to the depth portrayed. The voices were just plain wonderful, clear, and emotionally packed, building throughout the performance. The direction was impeccable.

I have seen this show many, many times, starting with Mary Martin, and would be delighted to watch this particular production repeatedly. Do yourselves a favor — don’t miss this production!

Horti Davis


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