Holiday kindness |

Holiday kindness

This is a story of kindness.

On Dec. 9, unbeknownst to me I lost my wedding ring in Raley’s grocery store. I frantically looked for it for three days. I went to the police station, and I made a report.

I was advised to go to jewelry stores to see if somebody brought it in to sell. After making many trips to different stores, on Wednesday I headed home. As I was ready to turn into the road I lived on and on a whim decided to call Raley’s.

The gentleman on the phone asked me to describe the ring, which I did. He said he would give me a call back after checking with employees. A few minutes later he called me and asked me some more questions about the design of my ring.

I told him and he informed me that they had my ring. He asked me not to cry cause he did not want to cry. I was elated, and my husband and I drove to the store right away. I posted on Facebook the events that happened and got the same results from everyone that responded.

That was one how lucky I was, and there are good people out there in the world. I am forever thankful to the kind soul who turned in my wedding ring. I’m a very sentimental person and in my eyes the ring could not be replaced.

Susan Street

Grass Valley

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