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Hindi Greenberg: Bravo! to Menoposse

I’m rarely surprised at the quality and quantity of artistic and performing talent in Nevada County. And so I knew that a comedy performance, promoted by the talented Lois Masten for May 17 at the Wild Eye Pub, would be good. But it was more than good.

The women in the troupe, Menoposse (yes, they are all “women of a certain age”), do comedy improvisation. But their humor isn’t just for women — it covers all topics, no subject is taboo. They ask the audience for ideas of situations or words or emotions, and then two or more of the women incorporate the audience suggestions into whatever game, skit or story they’ve decided to do. The five women — Lois Masten, Marsha Burch, Shawnna Frazer, Lindsay Dunckel and Kimberly Ewing — are laugh-out-loud funny, quick, irreverent, great physical actors, and they make it all look easy. The sold-out audience loved it!

I’m looking forward to the next comedy show on Aug. 1, when the Menoposse will perform at the Colfax Theatre. During these trying times, when we can all use a good laugh, don’t miss their show! They are funny and fun people! “For a good time, call Menoposse.”

Hindi Greenberg

Nevada City

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