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Hilary Hodge: I’m not taking ‘outside money’

I want to personally address the suggestion that I’m taking “outside money” in my campaign for Nevada County supervisor.

To date, we have nearly three-times more local donors than my opponent. We have not taken any corporate PAC money. We have welcomed participation at all levels and our grass-roots supporters have donated in amounts starting at $1.60.

All of the contributions to my campaign have come from Nevada County, from organizations with ties to Nevada County, from people with ties to Nevada County, from nonprofit affinity groups, or from people whom I know personally.

My older sister and her friends held a fundraiser for me in San Francisco. The funds raised at the event account for less than 1 percent of our total. I was honored to have my sister’s support.

I was also honored to be endorsed by Generation Change, a statewide organization that supports millennials running for office. Additionally, I’m supported by Labors Local 185, a regional labor union representing Nevada County working families in a 20-county region.

I have galvanized local support from our community. As supervisor, I will continue to leverage my experience and relationships in order to ensure Nevada County’s future.

Hilary Hodge

Grass Valley

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