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Harry Wyeth: Safe from single-payer socialism

I feel so much better, and safer too, after reading Norm Sauer’s letter explaining the dangers of socialist Bernie Sanders’ government dominated “far-left” single-payer healthcare plot.

Until Norm straightened me out, I was almost convinced that it would be a good thing for everyone to have health care when they need it after reading many stories — some in this newspaper — about families having to raise money by bake sales and crowd-funding to cover hospital bills for cancer treatment and the like.

But Norm has certainly shown how creeping government health meddling can lead to America becoming like impoverished Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and all of Western Europe too, I guess. All those places have wasteful socialist universal health care, and they surely have lost their freedoms, right? When I have travelled to many of them, I guess I just didn’t notice how poor people had become and how badly they suffered from inadequate health care. And the studies that have shown that the

U.S. has one of the most wasteful health-care systems? Ah, that’s just “fake news,” I guess.

Harry Wyeth

Grass Valley

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