Greg Zaller: Fire insurance can be within reach; Boulder did it |

Greg Zaller: Fire insurance can be within reach; Boulder did it

This letter is a response to the Dan Miller and Ed Scofield’s July 10 Other Voices column on the problem of fire insurance availability and cost.

Boulder, Colorado developed a program where regularly certified properly wildfire prepared homes can readily obtain fire insurance at normal rates. I just contacted one of the insurance companies there on the phone and was told that they just had a rate reduction! Google “Wildfire Partners” to learn more.

This county desperately needs Ed, Dan, and the other supervisors to solve this problem, not talk about it. They could. The same applies to the Nevada City and Grass Valley. As in Paradise, urban homes can be more at danger than rural ones because of the risk of one home igniting others.

If every rural and urban home in this county had a low ignition potential, due to proper mitigation, insurance companies would not be pulling out, and we could have reasonable insurance options. Boulder did it. Why can’t we?

Google “wildfire home assessment checklist” to learn what you can do to protect your home effectively.

Greg Zaller

Nevada City

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