Greg Goodknight: More on climate change |

Greg Goodknight: More on climate change

Mr. Mick Tuttle, in his Other Voices (Dec. 6), claimed I had “presented a series of contrived arguments dispelling the various ‘myths’ that he insists are being propagated by the climate-change scientific community” in my Oct. 20 Other Voices. I’d like to mention first that the word “myth” did not appear in my earlier piece. I did not write it; that quote is an invention of Tuttle.

Second, while I did err in leaving out the qualifier “major” (meaning Category 3, 4 or 5) in my claim of no U.S. hurricane landfalls in the previous decade, the one he cites by name, (Superstorm) Sandy, was not a hurricane at all when it made landfall in New York and New Jersey. Sandy had been made worse for the Northeastern U.S. by its interaction with a winter front.

Otherwise, my Oct. 20 piece stands as written, except for correcting my referring to the Phanerozoic as an era rather than an eon. In addition, the latest NOAA radioaltimetry product shows that the mean sea level as measured by the JASON-3 satellite has been virtually flat since 2015.

Where it goes in the next few years is unknown to all but true believers … place your bets.

Greg Goodknight

Nevada City

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