Glenn Jennings: Citizens of Nevada County deserve better |

Glenn Jennings: Citizens of Nevada County deserve better

Last Friday it was revealed that a different version of the Mackey search warrant exists, to everyone’s surprise.

The Sheriff is now saying that he would not have conducted an internal investigation had I pulled the warrant (meaning that I obtain a copy of the court’s warrant, which I had planned on doing but was stopped by Mr. Newell). Well, the Sheriff’s Office wrote both versions of Mackey’s warrants which mean they were on the Sheriff’s Office computers the whole time. Did the Sheriff not know this?

This new revelation also means that the Assistant District Attorney Mr. Walsh wasted everyone’s time by using the wrong search warrant in questioning witnesses in court over the last three to four weeks.

This new evidence that Mackey’s search warrant exists in two different versions only bolsters the fact that foul play is afoot.

The citizens of Nevada County deserve better.

Glenn Jennings, who lives in Penn Valley, is a candidate for Nevada County District Attorney.

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