Glen Garrod: Grass Valley Police goes the extra mile |

Glen Garrod: Grass Valley Police goes the extra mile

Some years back, I went to the Del Oro theater to see a film. Unknowingly, I parked on Mill Street on a farmers market night.

While I was in the movie, the Grass Valley Police showed up. Rather than having my car towed, they ran my license plate, got my name and phone number, called my house, spoke to my daughter who called my wife at KVMR, who called the police, who went to the Del Oro manager. With a few people in the theatre, the manager asked if I was Glen. She told me I should move my car. I did.

Afterwards, I sought out Grass Valley Police Chief John Foster. I wanted to thank him and his department for their amazing effort on my behalf. Chief Foster talked to me of his philosophy on community-based policing, how going the extra mile to save me from having my car towed was the best result for everyone — a win-win!

Over the years, I have spoken often to Chief Foster at our gym and was excited to hear he was running for Nevada County sheriff. You can bet I am wholeheartedly supporting him.

Glen Garrod

Nevada City

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