Gerard Tassone: Foster is right choice for Nevada County sheriff |

Gerard Tassone: Foster is right choice for Nevada County sheriff

In the 1990s, Grass Valley recognized that we needed to be part of the larger transformation in law enforcement where police became accessible and known, as opposed to just enforcing laws.

With Chief Mouser’s retirement, the City Council hired John Foster who had experience in large communities, managing large departments and large numbers of personnel. He understood community engagement and had previously successfully implemented this cultural shift.

John knew how to engage the community and tap the best people internally. Honestly, not everyone was happy. Some people don’t like change but life is not static. The status quo never works in the future. As mayor, I worked with John and saw his accomplishments. Change isn’t easy. Some changes were painful, but they provided much needed positive outcomes for our community.

John sees what needs to happen at the county level of law enforcement. I know he can accomplish what needs to be done while keeping our county safe.

The sheriff’s position is much more than being qualified; it’s about knowing the people, the community organizations and agencies, and having the temperament and track record to implement the necessary changes. John has those attributes.

I support John Foster for Sheriff.

Gerard Tassone

Former Grass Valley mayor and City Council member

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