George Olive: NID needs to face ‘ugly realities’ |

George Olive: NID needs to face ‘ugly realities’

Nick Wilcox’s confusing statement (The Union, March 11) of goodbye from NID is a sad perspective on what has been a locally healthy, policy and fiscal back and forth about the proposed Centennial Dam.

Wilcox thinks the dam is a good idea. A whole bunch of local folks disagree. We organized into the Dam Watchdogs in 2016, do our homework and attend NID meetings. Our group includes people with serious hydrology, ecology, geology, biology, engineering and organic agriculture credentials.

Mr. Wilcox and other supporters of the dam have been hard-pressed to answer tough, science-based questions. And two new NID directors were elected last fall who see the validity of those questions. The public concerns about a billion-dollar dam project have pushed NID to look closely at its finances and at apparently necessary rate increases, especially for ag customers.

NID is, as Wilcox states, looking at a “downward spiral” unless its Board of Directors and management deal with some ugly realities. How did NID arrive here? Who has been making the decisions? Do we have strong feelings about ruining six miles of the beautiful Bear River and causing damage to the Yuba Watershed? You bet.

Attacks and assault? Not the watchdogs.

George Olive

Nevada City

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