George Grayeb: A timely and relevant reminder |

George Grayeb: A timely and relevant reminder

Congratulations to The Union’s Editorial Board. The Nov. 9, Our View column, “Showing Honor and Respect” for our service members and our many veterans is very appropriate as Veterans Day 2019 is celebrated throughout our country.

Many who have served, and those who are serving today, feel neglected and ignored by a nation that produces a military where less than 1% of its population serve, and where politics seem to be the overriding issue of the day. As the article states, service members do what their superiors order them to do without his/her political view being taken into consideration.

Whether members of the public agree or disagree with a decision that sends our military into harm’s way our service members, our veterans and their families should be honored and respected.

Thank you, Editorial Board, for such a timely and relevant reminder.

George Grayeb, Colonel, USA (Ret.)

Nevada City

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