Geoff Hughins: Tourist shares unfortunate experience |

Geoff Hughins: Tourist shares unfortunate experience

I just wanted to share that I spent this past weekend (April 26-28) in Nevada City and had a great time with my family. However, I also wanted to share that I had a concerning incident which might be beneficial for other people to know about.

On Sunday afternoon, I took my 3-year-old daughter for a walk in her stroller and took the Deer Creek Trail by Lefty’s that goes along the river and under the highway. We passed by two men and two women who were clearly on drugs … one woman was grabbing her face and rocking back and forth and the other was shaking the chain-link fence and singing to herself. We made it past them and after about 10 feet a liquor bottle was thrown and hit my leg.I kept walking and didn’t confront them since I had my daughter with me and we were both OK.

I am sharing this in hopes of either: A) police can do something about monitoring the area, or B) people know not to take that trail with their family.

Geoff Hughins

Santa Cruz

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