Gaylor Spurgeon: Iran knew exactly what it fired on |

Gaylor Spurgeon: Iran knew exactly what it fired on

In response to Jim Warren’s tirade (letter to the editor on Jan. 22) of such an asinine suggestion that President Trump is somehow, someway, over the rainbow responsible for the shooting down of Flight 752 (PS752) after the brilliantly, successful tactical accomplishment of taking out one of the utmost threatening terrorist of our time is ludicrous.

Current radar with today’s technology, profiles air traffic. You can get an app for your smartphone that does that! The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps knew exactly what they fired on. A cruise missile they say? Really? The flight had just taken off. A visual would have told them that it wasn’t a cruise missile.

A big thank you goes to President Trump and our military for saving thousands of lives by preventing the terroristic actions of a sadistic general.

Gaylord Spurgeon

Penn Valley

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