Gary Pesselt: Vitality Healthcare – is it worth the cost? |

Gary Pesselt: Vitality Healthcare – is it worth the cost?

Another seminar is again advertised in The Union. I first thought it might help my wife with neuropathy until I did some extensive research.

First off, Medicare does not cover stem cell injections. Bone marrow stem cell injections range from $2,000 to $5,000 or more. Read Consumer Research report at:

Stem cell treatments are widely accepted only for two broad medical indications: to help treat a handful of blood disorders — including leukemia and some forms of anemia — and in some cases to help burn victims. Ask questions. Any doctor who offers stem cell therapy should be able to explain where the cells will come from, what will be done to them before they’re injected into your body, and how, exactly, they will resolve your illness or injury. He or she should also be able to offer you proof of safety and efficacy, even for experimental treatments. Don’t rely on patient testimonials.

Stem cells survive much longer than ordinary cells, increasing the chance that they might accumulate genetic mutations. It might take only a few mutations for one cell to lose control over its self-renewal and growth and become the source of cancer. Please do your own research.

Gary Pesselt

Grass Valley

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