Gary Litke: ‘Liberal nightmare before Christmas 2017’ |

Gary Litke: ‘Liberal nightmare before Christmas 2017’

The past year has been a political whirlwind with much to dislike from both parties. To poke a little fun at it all, let me present to you the Liberal Nightmare Before Christmas 2017:

‘Twas the night before Christmas and through the Senate and House

The horrible tax bill was pending, but Dems could just grouse

While Trump demanded passage, a victory he needed

To appease big corporations whose money he heeded.

The Republicans were all nestled and snug in their beds

While visions of more donations swam in their heads

And Donald in his limo, to his rally he did race

To stump for a Roy Moore even though he’s a disgrace

When all through the country there arose such a clatter

People shouted and demanded that character does matter

But the GOP didn’t listen, it’s all just fake news

What counts is our party, integrity causes you to lose

The lights on the lawn from the west winged White House

Betrayed the worry and rage of a political louse

When what to his worrying eyes should appear

But Mueller and team finding Russian help was near

So as the light was sent shining on the newly fallen Flynn

Whose collusion and lying the media broadcast his sin

With Mueller he did bargain and the hearings were reported

“All lies” cried Trump as he Twittered, whined and snorted

But the Dems they did counter with cries to “Resist”

And called out Russian collusion with a very long list

More rapid than eagles the Special Counsel they came

They probed and indicted and called them by name

Charge Manafort and Gates and Papadopoulos too

All lied to the Counsel and the FBI crew

Next up will be Kushner and even Junior Trump

But AG Sessions can’t remember, 29 times he was stumped

Trump sprang to his Twitter, to his fans gave a whistle

Took his plane to Mar a Lago to golf and to bristle

And I heard him exclaim as he flew out of sight

“Watch FOX news, they’re the only ones who get it just right.”

Gary Litke lives in Grass Valley.

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