Gary Kahn: Public access rule at Lake Wildwood published for comment |

Gary Kahn: Public access rule at Lake Wildwood published for comment

A rule change that would permit non-residents of Lake Wildwood and their guests to access the lake community and many of its amenities for a fee was published in the April 5 issue of The Wildwood Independent for comment.

Although the plan is to implement a one-year trial of the Unlimited Public Golf Package, which is designed to reduce golf amenity fees, the rule is limited to a one-year trial which leaves open the possibility that it can later be expanded and become permanent.

The rule represents a fundamental change to the character of our gated community and expands the privileges currently granted exclusively to its membership to non-residents for a fee. The proposed change to Rule R-7.10.10 has fueled divisiveness among Lake Wildwood members, which is likely to persist because this fundamental precedent-setting change has not been offered to the community for approval.

The basic issue of whether Lake Wildwood residents are willing to sacrifice some of their exclusive rights to non-residents for a fee is a question worthy of a community vote prior to implementation of the plan.

An opportunity for a referendum, or at least an online survey, of Lake Wildwood members, which presents balanced arguments for and against the policy, similar to California proposition ballots, is warranted. The Lake Wildwood community is more likely to accept any outcome if approved by most of its members.

If you believe that a referendum or survey on this fundamental change to our bylaws is warranted before implementation of this rule, this is your last opportunity to comment to the Lake Wildwood board of directors at

Gary Kahn

Penn Valley

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