Frank David: Parole suitability? Why? |

Frank David: Parole suitability? Why?

The Aug. 15 front page of The Union revealed that Sam Strange can receive consideration for early parole. Why?

Strange received two consecutive — not concurrent — 15-to-life terms for his participation in the murders of two young women. That means a minimum of 15 years for each murder, a total of 30 years. He has served only 23 years, and should be required to complete at least that minimum term.

His two victims received a death sentence; there will be no “early out” releases or parole suitability rewards for those two beautiful girls. They will always be dead, and their families will always be grieving because of Sam and his buddies.

Thirty years is not an unreasonable or harsh penalty for committing two brutal murders of innocent young girls and hiding their bodies, no matter how suitable that criminal is for early parole.

Why should we rush to get him out on our streets with us?

Frank B. David

Nevada City

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