Frank David: An inconvenient truth about use of deadly force |

Frank David: An inconvenient truth about use of deadly force

The Aug. 6 edition of The Union had a good letter from Paul Boisvert regarding use of deadly force by police and Assembly Bill 931.

Mr. Boisvert wrote that we should stand with those who are so egregiously affected, demand a higher standard for law enforcement. Assembly Bill 931 is a good plan. However he ignored an inconvenient truth. The unfortunate increase of deadly force by police is a result of the unfortunate increase of disrespect of lawful authority, abuse, threats and violent attacks on officers by suspects, of whom many happen to be minority citizens.

We saw and heard Black Lives Matter tell their followers, “Pigs in Blankets — Fry ’em Like Bacon!” Rappers scream “F— the police.” These days, Maxine Waters is ordering her constituents to verbally assault others solely for their political beliefs.

Assembly Bill 931 may be a good idea; it won’t hurt anything to have it. But let’s also demand a higher standard of respect for law and order in all of our citizens. We should stand with our officers and recognize the life hazards they encounter daily.

Officer-involved gunfire is not their idea; it results from an inconvenient truth.

Frank B. David

Nevada City

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