Fool me once … |

Fool me once …

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice shame on me.”

This age-old quote can be aptly applied to our current political and economic situation – one in which we “sheep” are being led, manipulated, coddled and coerced by the very “wolf” wearing the best fitting sheep costume – the President of our once great nation.

As President Obama, fresh off the golf course, spins his rhetoric once more causing further division among all groups of people (employers/employees, nationalities, political parties, parents and children, schools and students, and on and on) shame on us for not standing up and speaking up against a man whose speeches cause a ferocious response by the butterflies in our stomachs.

Shame on me? Yes. Shame on me for:

– not studying and acquiring that real facts that belie Mr. Obama’s words.

– for not speaking up to friends and neighbors who give credence to his rhetoric by repeating it.

– for not pushing the 10-digit phone number to leave messages for our representatives in the House and Senate that we have had enough of the mistruths (used to be called lies which we punished our children for telling) coming out of Mr. Obama’s mouth.

– for not resisting the government handouts and gifts that weaken our very being and lull us into complacency.

– for spending all of our discretionary time on following Hollywood on our cell phones, notebooks, and computers, in the seats at the theatres while we support their lifestyles with our hard-earned dollars.

– for thinking that my one opinion, response, request, phone call, vote is unimportant and cannot bring about change.

– for not spending some amount time daily/weekly honoring, praising, and thanking our God for His abundance of blessings and asking Him constantly to keep me on the path toward righteousness as He has defined.

As we watch the very foundations of our nation being bludgeoned by the Mr. Obama’s choice to align himself with the seedier side of what life has to offer, all the while claiming he has our best interest at heart, it is time to pay attention to those warning butterflies and show some sign that we are not yet comatose.

Colleen Deneen lives in Grass Valley.

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