Family redefined |

Family redefined

California Legislators, controlled by left wing Democrats, have further redefined the family through a bill that would change the birth certificates.

AB 1951 by Jimmy Gomez, D Los Angeles, would expand choices for gay parents by adding the designation parent next to father or mother. The bill would allow a lesbian couple to state that a child has two mothers, a mother and a female "father," or two female "fathers."

The bill passed through the Assembly in mid-May and was sent to the State Senate with a comment from Pacific Justice Institute that strongly opposed AB 1951: "In a season where we just celebrated Mother's Day and will celebrate Father's Day on June 15, it is astounding that lawmakers want to render these concepts meaningless."

Pro-homosexual laws make California a laughingstock for other states and is an embarrassment to decent citizens. Californians should ask their senators to veto this brazen bill. A better way to live is by Christian moral standards that lead to a happy life.

We also should ask candidates for public office if they support or oppose redefining marriage and family.

Bob Galletta

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