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Ellen Owen: Newell stands up for victims

Cliff Newell is the best voice for victims. Everyone who knows me understands I have a world view that puts crime victims first.

I was on the board of the Family Court Reformers and know our local courthouse well. All the judges were put in the job by the same group of people. Defense attorneys, public defenders and others who do not want the laws enforced. They facilitate the revolving door at the courthouse.

Just think what it would be like if they locked up the usual suspects, instead of letting them out over and over and over and how many new crimes they commit against us that could be prevented if they cared about us.

If they took the public safety as a priority they would not do it. Cliff Newell is the only person in the district attorney’s race who will advocate for us. The other guy is loved by the public defenders and defense attorneys.

Ellen Owen

Alta Sierra

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