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Ellen Macdonald: Denney cares about our forests

With a Trump/GOP proposed $170 million cut to U.S. Forest Service in the 2019 federal budget, our forest health is in jeopardy. Given the increasing number of treacherous fires we see each year, this budget cut cannot be prudent.

I am not a forester, but a retired person who has always worked in human services. That said, to my understanding, a healthy forest can do much to reduce the growth and spread of wildfires.

What does Mr. LaMalfa have to tell me about forest health and wildfires? Nothing, judging from his website, except cut federal spending, reduce regulation, leave it to private enterprise, etc. He offers little education for his constituents, never mentioning individual conservation or climate change.

Contrast LaMalfa’s website with that of Audrey Denney, his Democratic opponent in the mid-term elections. Audrey, a professional agriculturist and teacher at Chico State, provides considerable information not only about forest health, but soil, especially carbon soil, and climate change.

The site’s many videos include Audrey explaining her ideas in intelligent, understandable, and personable language as a good educator does and a skilled politician should. Go to http://www.audreyforcongress.com to see the videos. She gets my vote.

Ellen Macdonald

Grass Valley

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