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Elaine Ashton: ‘Failure to communicate’ indeed

As editor of the Forest Springs Residents Association Newsletter, I want to emphatically state that your Nov. 20 front page article, “Failure to communicate,” was completely misleading.

The residents quoted in the story must live in their own caves. The October newsletter, which was received by every resident prior to the end of September, had a three-quarter page flyer informing residents how they could call to be put on the phone list to receive notifications of pending power outages. I did this and I received many phone calls from PG&E on my cell phone.

The residents must have also failed to see notices that were put on the mailboxes and the clubhouse doors by the park management. They also must not be talking to any neighbors. We here in the park are “seniors” I thought — not children waiting for Mommy and Daddy to tell us what to do.

Please print a retraction to this totally unfounded article. Your writer neglected to do proper research.

Elaine Ashton

Grass Valley

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