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Edward Thomas: Broaden your perspective

There were two excellent positive Other Voices pieces in Nov. 25 edition of The Union. One by Ed Scofield and one by Joe D’Andrea. Both worth reading.

Scofield’s willingness to compromise on the cannabis issue is more than welcomed and this is a huge step forward for him and the county. Joe D’Andrea’s message makes me want to do more to help move our country through this difficult time.

Then, on Nov. 27, Norm Sauer’s Other Voices piece praises the successes of Trump in spite of all the adversity he has had to face. Poor, poor Donald. Of course it is all the fault of the Obama administration. The hypocrisy of his thinking is so blatant it is laughable. Whine and pine predominate this piece. Society has drawn a line in the sand, Mr. Sauer, and most of America does know what is right and what is wrong. Not everyone wants to do or attach themselves to doing what is right. Particularly those who are on the right and who close their eyes and minds to what is going on.

I don’t hate Trump, but his destroying of many good things independent and progressive people believe in is doing great damage to our country and the world. Weakening the EPA, not acknowledging climate change, putting people in charge of departments who want to destroy the department, proposing a tax bill that is not good for the middle class, is disastrous for graduate students and teaching aids, overly benefits the extreme wealthy and gives an excessive reduction to corporations who are doing just fine.

Remember that trickle down economics is fake news.

Edward C. Thomas

Grass Valley

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