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Ed Thomas: Yes on Measure E

The importance of Measure E to the future of Grass Valley cannot be overstated. Being a sales tax measure it collects tax from all who make purchases within the city limits. That means that the bulk of the sales tax collected more than likely comes from citizens who live outside of the city limits.

It is only right that everyone who shops in Grass Valley and uses our parks, public safety, streets and sidewalks help pay for these services. The 2008 recession, loss of major car dealers, etc., seriously reduced the city’s income and public services were seriously cut back to unsafe levels in many areas. Measure N, passed five years ago, has enabled the police and fire Departments to return to pre-recession levels and helped with street improvements. Measure N expires in five years.

It would be disastrous to public safety, let alone streets, sidewalks, parks and recreation for Measure E not to pass. For starters, the five police and fire personnel hired under Measure N would be terminated.

Measure E replaces Measure N, adds another half of a percent to the sales tax rate and will ensure the well being of our city for the future. Vote yes on Measure E.

Ed Thomas

Grass Valley

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