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Ed Keegan: His ego, our loss

I would like to remind those who follow the MAGA (Make America Great Again) brand that the president was clear that he was proud to close down the government and would take responsibility for it without blaming Democrats to get his wall.

When 80 percent of illegal immigrants come through airports overstaying visas and almost 90 percent of evil drugs come through border points on trucks, how can one say that spending another $5 billion down payment on a wall of unknown final cost — now also called by Trump as a “barrier or fence” — is really a problem-solving plan?

The Democratic House has passed funding bills for the impacted shutdown agencies, and money for a border control. The provided money is for support and intelligent uses of current border control systems and technology and to PAY our border agents, TSA, Coast Guard, park rangers, etc.

Democrats care about our borders as do I. So please stop that nonsense.

It is our president, and his sorry handmaiden McConnell who has abdicated the independence of the Senate to Trump, who refuse to pass these funding bills and open the government as they hold us hostage to his wall-negotiating strategy. Given Republicans had the whole government for two years, one wonders why they punish those very dedicated people entrusted to protect our borders without pay now?

Because he is proud to have shut it down to show he can.

His words. His ego. Our loss.

Ed Keegan

Penn Valley

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