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Ed Glenn: More gratitude, less complaining about PG&E

So OK, the PG&E power shutdown was a huge inconvenience, but my house did not burn down.

It was a PG&E transformer that sparked the fire over on McCourtney, and burned several homes the same night as the 2017 Santa Rosa fire. We evacuated at 2 a.m., and the power went out just a few minutes before we left Sherwood Forest with our two cats, scared to death because we were downwind of the fires.

We had plenty of wind that night, and if the wind direction had not changed, Sherwood Forest easily could have ended up like Santa Rosa. Personally, I prefer the shutdown over ever having to go through that again. Evidently, our power grid was in an area that did get wind, even though it was calm here.

So much clearing has been done in the last year, much of it by PG&E crews, and neighbors, to make us less vulnerable to fires. We got a valuable free lesson, and learned from it.

A little more gratitude, and less complaining is in order.

Ed Glenn

Grass Valley

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