Douglas Bianchi: Report hazardous power lines |

Douglas Bianchi: Report hazardous power lines

Thanks to John Palmer for a good chuckle (“A fly on PG&E’s wall” in The Union on Oct. 22).

Everyone knows what needs to be done. Here is an opportunity for responsible, engaged citizens to do a little prodding of the powers that be. I propose that whenever you see a potentially hazardous proximity of vegetation to power lines you report it to PG&E, the PUC, Gov. Newsom, State Sen. Dahle, and either his wife or Betancourt, whoever should prevail for the Assembly.

In football terms this might be called “flooding the zone.” In politics, maybe we could call it lighting a (metaphorical but not theoretical) fire under somebody’s donkey to get them up off of it.

Unfortunately for me, if I am not to be a hypocrite, this will mean a lot of work. There are at least a dozen such hazards along the route of my morning walk.

Douglas Bianchi

Nevada City

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