Douglas Bianchi: Pandemics made worse when information is concealed |

Douglas Bianchi: Pandemics made worse when information is concealed

Regarding the story, “County says more COVID-19 info could be misleading” in The Union on April 16, Nevada County’s Public Health Officer Ken Cutler seems to believe that his fellow citizens are too stupid or too venal to recognize when the public interest is also their own.

He shares this sour and cynical view of human nature with a president who relentlessly puts it to work in his own business and political interests. Cutler, on the other hand, prefers to sit back and defend his right to do nothing.

Every pandemic in history has been made worse by concealing information, not by making it known; by acting too late, not by acting too soon.

A lot of people are stepping up to help in the current emergency (thank you, mask sewers). In spite of being paid with my property taxes to do just that, Cutler is not, so far, one of them. Time for our public health officer to help educate the public about public health. Step up or step away.

To protect myself, I wash my hands. To protect you, I wear a mask. To protect us both, I keep my distance. This is the way it is going to be until enough timely testing is available to create a meaningful contact tracing and quarantine protocol.

So the next time I am out in public for the necessaries, I will try to thank everyone I see wearing a mask.

Douglas Bianchi

Nevada City

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