Douglas Bianchi: Island of civility |

Douglas Bianchi: Island of civility

Island of civility

Bravo to Skip Pollard and his Aug. 23 piece: “Living in Challenging Times” in The Union. I appreciate that he offers positive suggestions for dealing with our current epidemic of incivility.

Providing an island of sanity at its Candidate Forum on Aug. 15 was the League of Women Voters of Western Nevada County. The League’s rules and capable volunteers created an atmosphere of calm discussion that brought out the best in the candidates’ ideas and character, and enabled me to engage sympathetically with concepts and people in a way that would have been impossible amid a lot of raised voices and personal attacks.

For those of us who believe that spirited civil discourse and modeling that behavior is essential to good government, the League’s scrupulous adherence to being fair and non partisan makes them crucial to the way we pick our leaders.

We may not always be able to live up to Pollard’s Confucian ideal (I am certainly not above an occasional slack-jawed curse when encountering the daily “dramedy” unfolding in these very pages). I consider myself lucky for a group of people that have my back and a history and system for coaxing forward my better political nature.

Douglas Bianchi

Nevada City

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