Doug Neff: The NRA and you |

Doug Neff: The NRA and you

The issue of the NRA fundraiser at the Nevada County Fairgrounds has me asking some questions.

This is a highly regulated industry just as any other event that would be considered at our local fairgrounds. Somewhat more than others, which does have merit.

I do recognize the issues with school shootings weigh on all our minds. What I don’t understand is how you, the concerned public, forget about the real issues here with social media, news media and the daily influx of negative views that rule most public opinion. There is a lot on our plates these days and all we can hope for is a good, healthy, happy family, even if life may make us deal with some tough events.

These events more commonly have guns involved in them including peace officers. So, on that note, ask yourself, do you really need to emphasize your good intentions on a legitimate, regulated event that bears little significance to today’s issues?

By the way, have you ever gone to this event to witness what really transpires? I think you might be surprised at what you learn.

After all, we are all here to learn from our life’s journey and also our mistakes. Thanks for the rant.

Doug Neff

Nevada County

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