Doug Crice: Full page ad OK by me |

Doug Crice: Full page ad OK by me

I would like to commend Frank Pinney on his full-page global warming advertisement. I follow the debate closely, and found Mr. Pinney’s content extremely well researched and generally factual.

He should be commended for having paid money to publish the material, but also taking time to produce an excellent comprehensive discussion. People who want facts would be wise to reread the article.

On whether The Union should publish such an ad, it is advertising revenue that allows dissenting voices to be heard for free. Global warming is not settled science, but science has settled on suppressing alternative views. To couch arguments in a form like “leading scientists agree” is not a discussion of facts.

And of course, the politicians are happy to charge you 10 cents per gallon for the cause of global warming — politicians never met a tax they didn’t like. Carbon credits have made Al Gore and others rich off the backs of the people.

There has been no global warming for over 18 years now. Global warming theory is based on a computer model, a perfectly valid scientific approach. You make a model and then test it against observations. If the observations don’t match, the model is wrong.

Doug Crice

Grass Valley

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