Dorren Domb: Voting during fire season |

Dorren Domb: Voting during fire season

Regarding wildfires and power shutoffs: I have a very serious concern about being able to vote, and for our officials to maintain the ability to accurately complete ballot counts!

There is no doubt in my mind that next November 2020 will find us, once again, in the midst of elevated wildfire time as the autumn months (later September, October and November) seem to encompass the apex of wildfires uptick. How can we wisely work to successfully maintain the critical necessity of exercising our right to vote, and to have our ballots counted?

Worst case scenario, perhaps, would be evacuations going on during/close to Election Day, itself.

Please, our community (all of California, really!) must address this, along with the lengthy list of crucial issues that must be faced by humans, animals and nature.

Doreen Domb

Grass Valley

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