Donna Levitt: Thanks for the candidates forum |

Donna Levitt: Thanks for the candidates forum

I’m feeling thankful for the candidates forum put on by the League of Women Voters on Jan. 9.

I was very impressed by Elizabeth Betancourt, who came across as well informed with a rich background of experience that makes her well qualified to represent us in the California State Assembly, District 1. She had thoughtful responses to questions about issues including climate change, homelessness, forest management, creating jobs in the district and homeowners’ insurance.

I was definitely not impressed by Megan Dahle being a no-show. How disrespectful to Nevada County, especially considering that the forum that was scheduled for Betancourt and Dahle in October 2019 was canceled because of a power outage.

Why would she choose not to introduce herself to Nevada County voters and answer our questions?

Donna Levitt

Nevada City

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