Donna Burley: Deborah Wilder for District 1 supervisor |

Donna Burley: Deborah Wilder for District 1 supervisor

Deborah Wilder is the best candidate for your vote.

I’ve known Deborah for some years and know she is a well-qualified candidate to serve District 1 as its supervisor. Deborah will be present and accounted for with true commitment to all Nevada County citizens and their concerns and challenges for now and for the future. Deborah has the experience needed for such a responsible position. She has served in the past as a city council member for eight years and as a city mayor for two years. She knows how to get the work done.

Deborah is a tireless volunteer for local nonprofits, such as Women of Worth, Friendship Club, Hospitality House, Rudiger Foundation, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts as well as the KARE Crisis Nursery. Deborah has a compassionate solution for our senior citizens and their need for a senior center.

She will seek cooperative efforts from local nonprofits to help seniors to be housed in a single location as well as initially reaching out to local churches to help house a larger variety of senior activities. Seniors have been let down in the past and Deborah knows that just having seniors write letters in not the solution.

Put your vote where it really counts, with Deborah Wilder for District 1 supervisor.

Donna Burley

Grass Valley

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