Don Joy: A vote for Cliff Newell |

Don Joy: A vote for Cliff Newell

In Stephen Munkelt’s April 16 Other Voices opinion of the Mackey situation, we continue to beat a dead horse.

In Munkelt’s opinion, the misconduct motion was filed to show the “dishonesty, corruption and incompetence of District Attorney Cliff Newell (and) Sheriff Keith Royal.”

It appears more likely that defense attorneys needed a tool to have several cases dismissed based on Mr. Mackey’s “alleged” incompetence. Is it a coincidence that Mr. Jennings is now running against Mr. Newell for district attorney and that a defense attorney has access to Mr. Jennings’ private notes and discussions with his former boss? There are some bold, unsubstantiated statements used in this article to support Mr. Munkelt’s position: e.g. Sheriff Royal “apparently” told Newell to stop the DA investigation; and “the internal affairs investigators were incompetent,” or Mr. Jennings being told “you pissed off the sheriff, so you either resign or I will terminate you.”

And finally, “Mr. Newell does the bidding of the sheriff rather than perform as an independent constitutional officer,” therefore, Jennings is “ethical and honest?”

Really? I believe that after 10 years of loyal service, it will be difficult to tarnish the reputation and leadership qualities of District Attorney Clifford Newell.

Don Joy

Nevada City

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