Dodie Johnston: Recycling redux |

Dodie Johnston: Recycling redux

Thanks to The Union for publishing follow-up stories about local recycling after my opinion piece entitled “Recycling Reveries.”

We’re all pretty clear now that foreign countries no longer accept the refuse we used to call “recycling.” We have learned that, while we were shipping mountains of the stuff to China or India where the desperately poor picked through it for useable goodies, the U.S. recycling industry languished. We are told that there are now very few profitable markets for many things labeled “recyclable” and that much of it must be buried in landfill.

But what, exactly? Big green trucks pour the contents of our bins into their craw, but where does it go from there? How can we do our part to spare as much as possible from our landfills and oceans?

If you find yourself pondering where to dispose of that yogurt container, plastic clamshell, or glossy advertising flyer, and whether it will actually be processed into something useful, you’re not alone. Join your friends, neighbors, and local experts Thursday, Jan. 30, at a forum to address this confusion (and sometimes resistance) to proper recycling practices. Community Room, Madelyn Helling Library, 7:15 p.m. See you there!

Dodie Johnston

Grass Valley

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