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I would like to thank The Union for printing Mr. Berkheimer’s enlightening opinion piece on June 9.

I must be “dippy” but I didn’t know that when Obama left office that there wasn’t any poverty, homelessness, no full prisons, all undocumented immigrants were welcome and that all other countries in the world loved us.

In about 310 days in office Trump has filled the prisons with people of color, created poverty and homelessness. His presence has ruined our reputation with all those countries who previously worshiped the ground we live on, Our USA! And my goodness if only the people who didn’t vote would have, we wouldn’t be so ashamed of our country today.

I’m sure everyone who didn’t vote would have agreed with our savior Mr. Berkheimer and we would have avoided the Trump catastrophe we are enduring. Really, Mr. Berkheimer, are you so presumptuous to think that you have the only opinion or answer that counts?

Too bad we can’t return to the paradise that Mr. Obama left behind. I guess my memory is just faulty. Sorry for being so dippy!

Richard DeKnoop

Grass Valley

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