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Dick Tracy: The race is on!

Dick Tracy

This morning I glanced at the California Gubernatorial Recall Election pamphlet that arrived in the mail. It’s the multi-million dollar boondoggle asking if we want to unseat our floundering governor and replace him with another unknown quantity.

I hadn’t spent a lot of time wondering what to do, so I decided to read what the numerous candidates had to say for themselves.

Some, like Doug Ose, Caitlyn Jenner and Kevin Faulkner had nice compositions. Others offered poignant messages. Holly Baade: “Leadership for a brighter tomorrow.” Green Party candidate Heather Collins says nothing. James Hanink doesn’t offer a photo. Angelyne (one name only) has a photo only 18-year-olds should view. No party preference, no message. Daniel Mercuri thinks he has Jesus on his side. Dan Kapelovitz asks only, “Can you dig it?” (cool shades, Dan!). Chauncey “Slim” Killens anoints himself “The People’s Governor.” Front-running Republican talk show host Larry Elder makes his pitch with a big smile and is “humbled to ask for your vote.”

There’s more: Jenny Le Roux is running “so Californians can live, work and breathe again.” Oxygen is important. Adam Papagan offers: “Love U.” John Drake is a handsome young community college graduate who will note, “Candidate for California Governor in 2021” on every job application. Nickolas Wildstar asks us to, “Go wild” and elect him.

No, I haven’t decided. Have you?

Dick Tracy

Grass Valley


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