Dick Sciaroni: Thankful for thinking about Nevada County issues in The Union | TheUnion.com

Dick Sciaroni: Thankful for thinking about Nevada County issues in The Union

The majority of national and regional news media seems obsessed with the childish pranks of the Washington sandbox, e.g., the Nunes memo, Mueller's investigation, government shutdowns, immigration reform.

Local issues are too often relegated to the back pages of print media.

We are lucky that The Union provides a forum for discussion of local issues like the Centennial Dam, cannabis farms and dispensaries, and widening of Highway 174. We should continue to focus on local issues including our aging population and affordability of housing and job opportunities. These issues will impact our quality of life far more directly than the petty squabbles of Washington's politicians.

This coming June we begin another round of elections, including selection of a new sheriff, county supervisors and city leaders, the NID board and other boards and commissions, followed by November's elections.

Local office holders, not Washington politicos, will decide the Centennial Dam issue, craft a cannabis ordinance and shape the economy of Nevada County — the look and feel of Nevada County in the coming decades.

We must keep our focus on Nevada County and let the Washington elite pursue their never-ending and unproductive squabbling aimed simply at getting reelected rather than governing America.

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Dick Sciaroni

Grass Valley

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